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Arti Facilities is a dynamic and versatile company that has revolutionized the manpower industry. Diversifying to Security Automation in 2016, we created a big name for ourselves after the completion of Ahmedabad Smart City Project where we have competed with bigger players in the market to get a huge amount of crucial work done. We believe in applying strategies, techniques, and tactics that are responsive, effective and highly efficient. We strive to develop our operations, and management to be sensitive to our customers. Our customer focused approach has allowed us to truly understand the diversities and intricacies of their needs.


Boom Barriers


Intercom System

Visitor Management System

Security Service

Waste Management Mini Plant

Virus Killing Air Purifier

Proximity Card Reader

Biometric Reader

Face Reader

Parking Management System

Fire Detectors Smoke Alarms

Arti Facilities Services Pvt Ltd Security automation is the machine-based execution of security actions with the power to programmatically detect, investigate and remediate cyberthreats with or without human intervention by identifying incoming threats, triaging and prioritizing alerts as they emerge, then responding to them in a timely fashion. Security automation does most of the work for your security team, so they no longer have to weed through and manually address every alert as it comes in. There are several signs indicating that your organization needs security automation, including a breach, lagging response times, overwhelming false positives and a need for more efficient and costeffective operations. A security automation platform is software that will execute a series of security actions across your entire infrastructure in a matter of seconds. The security automation platform is engaged when an incident is detected (via the network, a file scan, an email scan, and so on), and then responds accordingly.

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