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Smart City Project

Smart City Infra, Integrated Security & IoT Projects
We are leaders in planning, design, supply, deployment & support of technology-based smart security solutions. We constantly strive to introduce new, innovative technologies from across the globe to our clients as system integrators, along with offer for exceptional technical support & service. We have an industry wide presence in IoT and other digital technology solutions as well.

Our mission is to deliver future-ready technologies and smart systems, through simple, no-frill, cost-effective solutions.

Your needs drive our goals and as such, you can be assured of best practices and efficiencies, through a team of dynamic professionals you can trust!

Arti Facilities Services Pvt Ltd invests in the latest cutting edge, smart surveillance technologies, giving you - the customer, state-of-the-art security & security technology solutions.

We have undertaken some of the most challenging project assignments in Smart City initiative of the Govt. of India, and are striving to stay on top of the technology at all times.

Some of our flagship services include:

  • Scalable & Integrated Smart Surveillance/CCTV Grids: Planning, Supply, Deployment & Maintenance Support for High Definition IP & Analogue, including motion detection & allied video analytics – this adds intelligence to your conventional video surveillance system, by sending alerts on detecting motion in predefined trip-wired geo-fence, eg, persons and vehicles moving within a specific area, etc. These systems work in varying lighting conditions, whether indoor or outdoor; ideal solution for low-traffic, hi-sensitivity, hi-security zones, such as office corridors, safe-rooms, parking lots, unattended shop areas and for silent hours’ surveillance.
  • IT & Network Infra, Infra Security – Planning, Deployment & Maintenance.
  • Network OC, Security OC & Command Centres & Operation Support - Planning, set-up, deployment and full-fledged O&M.
  • Multi workstation configurations and networking solutions in high density office/work environment.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots and seamless connectivity solutions for IoT environment.
  • Parking Sensors & Smart Traffic Management.
  • VMD Displays & Smart Street Lighting.
  • Atmospheric & Environment Sensors
  • Smart Solid Waste Management on turnkey basis.
  • Integrated IoT projects for enterprise, smart offices, commercial & residential complexes.

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