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Welcome to Arti Facilities Services

Arti Facilities Services Pvt Ltd has some very distinct corporate values - in fact they are one of our key strengths. Our values guide our behavior towards our employees, our customers and our business. We are a customer-focused, facility services company delivering cleaning, maintenance, fire & safety and security services to over 1000 clients across diverse sectors. Our people are professionals with industry-specific experience, and are trained to deliver a high quality service. We are deeply committed to long-term relationships, which is why we strive to remain flexible to clients needs.

We offer well-managed services that enable your organization to function at its most efficient and effective level. At Arti Facilities Services Pvt Ltd, we work with you to understand your facility’s unique needs so that we can provide you with a welcoming and well maintained space. As a leading facility services organization we deliver operations to clients all across Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and various places across India. Every day, our teams deliver efficient, safe and reliable services to hundreds of commercial, retail, education, hospitality, venues and other facilities across the country. We offer single-service options and packaged solutions to clients, backed by dedicated customer support and reliable results.

What We Offer To Your Business:

  • A facilities services supplier who treats your company like their own
  • A business with Australia-wide reach, local workers and 24-hour availability
  • Someone whose quality benchmarks are so high they use India’s leading standards as just a place to start
  • Someone who solves problems on the day they occur
  • A company so dedicated to long-term commercial facilities service delivery
  • Hundreds of skilled long-serving workers who take pride in their achievements
  • Our own fleet of cleaning & maintenance machinery

Our Vision for the Future

Arti Facilities Services is invested heavily for the future. Our record proves that we are capable of expanding our business in a short time without neglecting any requirements of our existing clients. This is important to us. We won’t take on new contracts at the expense of existing clients. We make sure our resources are in place to give maximum focus on and service to each and every client.

Our philosophy

At Arti Facilities Services Pvt Ltd, we do whatever it takes to achieve our own quality standards and exceed the expectations of our clients. We do this through:

  • Strong commitment to our work
  • Direct and regular client communication
  • Consistent, high quality work
  • Building long term relationships
  • Developing new technology to help us work smarter with better results
  • Measurement and feedback of results to clients and workers

Why are we different to any other facilities business?

A lot of facility services companies say all the right things when they are actually trying to win your business. Many of them even manage to do a fantastic job temporarily. Then over time, their once-fabulous service begins to slowly fall away and peter out. They take a little longer to get back to you… Their work loses its gloss, the excuses begin, the added extras end. We let our ongoing actions speak louder than words. We never lose sight of the fact that we are only as good as your last job, and your last job will be every bit as good as your first. Our flourishing business is based on accountability to you, and we are serious about our commitment. And our promise right here, right now is to be the most reliable and professional single-source solution to all your cleaning, maintenance, building and management needs.

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